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Knowledge is an ocean and a few drops just aren’t enough. -Unknown

Side Note: May 6, 2010

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Your thoughts, comments, and insights are always welcome and much appreciated.


My heart May 4, 2010

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longs, deeply, for the company of the righteous.


Relying on Allah Alone

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Allah ta’ala does not like to find us becoming dependent on other than Him. We become dependent on our money and we will find we are tested with it being taken from us. We become dependent on people, and He ta’ala will have them disappoint us, let us down. This is all Allah ta’ala calling us back to Him, showing us that we should never come to rely or depend on other than Him–Our Sustainer, Our Provider, the Ever-Lasting, the Ever-Appreciative, The Protector, The Merciful, The King.