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Nourishment and Mercy November 29, 2009

Filed under: Islam,Reflections — Lena @ 1:06 am

Just as our bodies need nourishment through food and drink, our souls need spiritual nourishment. We should seek such nourishment out and not go days without nurturing our souls with prayer, recitation, dua’, and especially dhikr…among other sources. As we are told to take good care of our bodies, we should never forget our souls as they are, in reality, far more valuable to us than our physical bodies.


Allah ta’ala has 100 parts of Mercy and He chose to shed only one part of His Mercy upon this world. The other 99 parts He chose to keep for Himself, for when this world no longer exists. SubhanAllah, let us reflect on this one part of Mercy we have been shown. Think of every raindrop that brings life and respite to this earth; every leaf that provides shade from a scorching sun or provides a resting place for tiny creatures; a drink of water that quenches thirst; a clear sky; a friendly smile; the tight but loving grip of a mother on her child; the hug of a friend; the care of a stranger…. All of these are just such miniscule counts of the mercy Alllah ta’ala has shown us already in this dunya–there are so many layers of mercy that pass us every moment. This is only one part of His Mercy. What then can be said of the other 99 parts? SubhanAllah wAlhamdulillah.

May Allah ta’ala envelop us in His Mercy in this life and the next and may He make us among the grateful. Allahumma Ameen. Allahumma salli ‘ala sayyidina wa nabiyyina Muhammadin.