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It’s All Good. October 22, 2009

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“The affair of the Muslim is always good.”

We should realize that everything we are sent is from Allah ta’ala and therefore is good. In our limited perception we might see something as being bad or evil, but in reality since this is what Allah ta’ala has destined there is good in it and in reality, this is what is best for us. The struggles and trials in our life, even though it might be tough to recognize at the moment in which they occur, are best for us at that very moment of our lives. It is ultimately our response in these moments and situations that will have the greatest impact and effect on us in both this life and the next. (May Allah ta’ala always make us of those who have patience and forbearance in the face of trials and wisdom to deal with them in the best of ways. Ameen.)

On the flip side of seeing every trial as being only from Allah ‘azza wa jal, we should also know that every act of obedience is a blessing and only from Allah ta’ala. When we do good, we should not become puffed up and proud with our actions but should thank Allah ta’ala for allowing us to complete such an ‘ibadah or good deed. We should thank Him for allowing us to recognize the good in that deed, for granting us the yearning and motivation to perform the act, and for the ability to put our thoughts and yearnings into action. (And I know I missed so many blessings in between. Allah ta’ala states in the Qur’an that we are not able to enumerate the blessings He bestows on us. For every seemingly small gift or blessing we are given, there are layers upon layers of blessings hidden within it.) May Allah ta’ala make us grateful to Him and increase us in our obedience and our desire to be close to Him ta’ala. Ameen.

It is stated that a person is constantly in one of four states and they are…
1) An act of obedience, and the correct response is shukr (gratitude, thanks)
2) An act of disobedience, and the correct response is tawba
3) A blessing is being sent down upon them, and the correct response is shukr and praises to Him.
4) A struggle/trial is being inflicted upon them, and the correct response is patience, forbearance, and resolve.

“Do not say: ‘O Allah, I have worries.’ Say: ‘O worries, I have Allah.'”

May Allah ta’ala forgive me for anything incorrect.

If anyone notices something incorrect, please do leave a comment. I write these only as a reminder to myself first.


Each Moment has its Right October 8, 2009

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Alhamdulillah I was listening to a lecture of Sh. Faraz Rabbani (may Allah ta’ala preserve him, increase him, and allow us to benefit from him. Ameen) the other day, from a Seekers Guidance course (which you should look into if you have not yet) and he made one point among many amazing points that really struck me.  He mentioned essentially that each moment has its Right.  That is, that as each moment comes upon us, regardless of what we would like to be doing in that moment it has a certain act that might be best for it.

I have found this to come up time and time again.  For instance, I might be about to sit down to read some Qur’an and in that there is of course immense good, inshaAllah, but then if my mother were to call on me to ask for something then I should realize that at that moment it would be better for me to respond rather than make her wait on me, and then to sit down to read–plus this would allow for greater peace of mind in reading.  This is due to the great weight Allah ta’ala places on respect and obeying one’s parents.

This reminds me of something we read in a text “On the Rights of Parents” by Shaykh Muhammad Mawlud al-Musawi al-Ya’qubi.  He states, that according to the Maliki opinion, if one is praying a non-obligatory prayer his father taught him:

If a father calls upon his son, expecting an answer, the son should hasten to finish his prayer and exit from it.  But he should quickly respond to his mother with a tasbih whenever she calls him and also quickly finish his prayer in the same manner.  This is, of course, with the understanding the son’s parents are neither deaf nor blind; if that is the case, then he should abandon his prayer.

It’s written in poem form in Rajaz meter and translated by Sh. Hamza Yusuf.

Allah ta’ala alone knows best. 

Any errors are only my own and I ask for your forgiveness and His.