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Knowledge is an ocean and a few drops just aren’t enough. -Unknown

“To attain knowledge is difficult… September 30, 2009

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…Were you to give all of yourself, it would give you part of it. Were you to give part of you, it would give you none of it.” (Arabic Proverb)

Alhamdulillah, Munzareen and I had the great privilege, blessing, and honor to attend a program this past summer. Alhamdulillah.  InshaAllah I am going to start posting some of what I learned as I really do not want it to be lost–so it’s a way for me to review and also share the gems.  A dear sister I met at the program said to me how knowledge is a light that if not shared with others will be extinguished. (She said it much better than me.)

“Knowledge is in the hearts of humans, not in the lines of books.”