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Taking Advantage of Our Youth July 2, 2009

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So one of the things I am doing this summer is working at a summer science camp for middle school girls. The theme this year is computer science and it’s been amazing to watch the girls learn how to use the different programs on the computer. There’s about 6 of us mentors in the program and along with the girls we all learn the programs together. The girls though, often pick up things more quickly than us. We’re about 6-10 years older than them, but our learning curve is slower. We take a while to tinker around, but they start figuring things out better than we can.

Amazing is our youth- but we don’t realize it at all. Our mind’s capacity to do things is so great while we’re young, as is our body’s capacity to maintain routines and habits. Though consistency is always important in action, so is making sure you’re taking advantage of everything you have. When God gives us the capability to do things, we should make sure we appreciate the blessing and make use of it. When we’re younger, we can often memorize more Qur’an, more duas. We can engage in more fasting, in more acts of worship– this is especially important before we start to heap on the number of our responsibilities.

The Prophet (sallahu alayhi wasalam) taught us to take advantage of five before five:
– youth before old age
– health before sickness
-wealth before poverty
-free-time before preoccupation
-life before death

Insha’Allah we take advantage of these and do not put off for tomorrow what we can do today.


2 Responses to “Taking Advantage of Our Youth”

  1. shahin Says:

    as salamu’alaykum, beautiful post. our youth we gotta train to do good before we train them to do bad.

  2. aziz Says:

    nice..that actually opened my eyes to realize how wasteful is my use of time .. hope this will be the key start changing..

    & whatever our generous prophet says .. it’s always true subhan allah

    thank you.

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