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A New Direction June 5, 2009

Filed under: Random — musaafir @ 11:13 pm


So after a lot of thinking of closing this blog officially, Lena and I have both decided to re-start this blog. Rather than deleting ALL of the old posts, we’ve kept some that we thought we useful and we hope that some of what we post will be of benefit.

Hopefully, we’ll restart soon and you’ll see us more often.

And if you’ve been watching us blog from the beginning, I anticipate us doing less political science/current event stuff than we used to in our very beginnings (but it’s pretty hard we’re both Political Science majors– well, we were– we graduated undergrad alhamdulillah!).



2 Responses to “A New Direction”

  1. majnun Says:

    its good that you have decided to restart. Mashallah.

  2. yaser Says:

    Whoah everything is different. This was actually my original theme on my now defunct blog [the design] so I was confused fo ra moment. I like the new direction. Tawfiq iA

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