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Loving Him January 1, 2008

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When I had read Wayfarers to God a transcription of a set of lectures given by Habib Ali al Jifri (may Allah raise him in rank), I remembered being struck by a part in the book where Habib Ali mentioned that we must remind ourselves that Allah does not need from us our worship. It only benefits us, and that too, we often do halfheartedly. We do not thank or praise Allah enough, and He cannot be praised to the extent that He should be. But we trudge through our prayers as if we are doing Him some type of favor, as if He gains something by us rushing our salah. We must remind ourselves that this rushed salah, is not what benefits. This was a reminder for me.
Then today, I read in the Diwan of Shaykh Muhammad ibn-al Habib a few lines of poetry, they said

” Indeed two rak’ats from a lover are more excellent/ than a thousand performed without love”

and this same reminder came back to me.

It’s true. Even if we relate it to our worldly limits, when someone who cares for you and loves you, a small act holds much greater worth than an act done by someone who does not have that love for you. Similarly, when we have Love for Allah, it transforms our acts and puts more value into them. Yes, there is reward in doing worship that is plentiful, but why is it that the charity of one who has little but gives most of it away is worth more than the person who has a lot and gives a large amount [but less in proportion] away? Because the one who has little is giving up more for the sake of Allah, they are parting with something important to them. In the same way, when one loves Allah, a little worship, when done well- has more meaning. When we love Allah, we also seek to please Him outside of our worship. How can you do something that the One you love despises? Loving Allah transforms our acts and deeds, and makes us more cognizant of Him. So performing two rakat with love translates itself into being more mindful of Allah throughout the day. SubhanAllah.

Insha’Allah we can become true lovers of Allah and gain closeness to Him. Insha’Allah we can attain that rank that is Beloved to Him.


3 Responses to “Loving Him”

  1. Beautiful….

    JazakAllah for sharing.

  2. Sufyan Yunus Says:


    Assalamu alaikum,

    InshaAllah! Jazakallah khayran for this, it was a great post. May we truly become true lovers of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala). Ameen.


    Sufyan Yunus

  3. z. Says:

    salaams Munzareen.

    nice article. My sister’s name was munzareen too =]

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