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Random Memory… September 25, 2007

Filed under: Islam,Random,Reflections — Lena @ 7:29 am

-ISNA 2006, Imam Suhaib Webb commented that the tears we shed for the sake of Allah ta’ala become noor (light) on the Day of Resurrection, so you will often find that when scholars weep for the sake of Allah ta’ala they will wipe the tears over their face and their body–hoping for noor to emit from them on that Day, inshaAllah.

The poet said: “To spend the night awake and weeping for other than Allah is a foolish waste.” (Imam al-Ghazali’s (rah) Dear Beloved Son)

It’s the second ten days of Ramdan, time for major forgiveness inshaAllah! Please keep Munzareen and I in your dua’s.


One Response to “Random Memory…”

  1. radf Says:

    SubhanAllah, thank you for that little beneficial thought.
    I will keep you both in my du’aas inshaAllah , please do the same for me.
    Take care inshaAllah.

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