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Blindness September 15, 2007

Filed under: Forgiveness,Islam — musaafir @ 10:57 pm

When I was walking through a cave in Colorado, the guide remarked that when the original “discoverers” of the cave stumbled upon it, the cave was very dark. He turned off the lanterns and showed us what darkness was really like. Then he told us that if we were to stay in such pitch black darkness for too long we would go blind.

I never knew that, but it makes sense doesn’t it? Nothing to look at, what would our eyes really be used for in darkness? As I was thinking about this I realized that our hearts are just like this.

Once we sin, a black dot appears on our hearts. When we keep sinning without repentance, more and more black dots appear until the entire organ is black. The heart suffocates under the pressure of these sins. I’m not talking about the physical heart, I’m talking about the spiritual heart. It dies under these sins. We are the cause of our own destruction. When our hearts are overwhelmed by this blackness, they go “blind.” When Allah speaks of the blind hearts, maybe He is referring to the hearts in this state.

The same thing goes for when we sever the ties of Our Creator. When we stop praying, when we stop reflecting, we are plunging ourselves into darkness. We become so blind that we cannot even see the light of our Creator.

Ya Rabb, make us amongst those who are Oft-Repentant and forgive us. Rabbighfirli wa tub ‘alayya.


3 Responses to “Blindness”

  1. salahudin Says:

    yeah just like christians when they disobey christ eh? and like hindus when they don’t adhere to their religious norms? all black dots..

    so do the other gods also put a black dot on your heart for disobeying them? or do you believe the only god is yours…. just like them? lol

  2. I do not think you understood what I posted but khayr.

    Sins in and of themselves have an effect on a person whether they believe it or not. Psychologists could verify that fact, ask them about what murderers or rapists or adulterers or thieves go through. I’m sure that even if you don’t believe in religion or Islam (which I understand you don’t, since I believe you called yourself an apostate? or am i wrong?) at least you might possibly believe what a psychologist might tell you.

    And if you wrote that comment to taunt or to aggravate rather than as a true question, I do not think I should need to respond. If however, you really do want to have a discussion or a clarification then I will be more than willing to oblige.

  3. greenbird Says:

    Subhannalllah, that entry really touched my heart… may allah bless you and reward you for your efforts.

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