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Gems of Wisdom May 30, 2007

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“…again the past is important, ‘because it tells you what level you can reach, but you can’t hang on to that and assume thats gonna get you into Jannah, your current state is the most important thing that you should be reflecting on…” Shaykh Husain Abdul Sattar

For which is He more to be praised: for His blessings, or for His forbearance in the face of our refusal to give thanks for them? [From the Contentions by Shaikh ‘Abdal Hakim Murad]

“When a thing for which you ask is slow to come, know that through delay gifts are received”Ali bin Husayn al-Habshi

It is useless to have a learned tongue but an ignorant heart. [Shaykh Abdal Qadir al Jilani]



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  1. Jamal Says:

    49,981 signatures have now been received on a terrible petition against the London ‘Mega mosque’ based on incorrect and inciteful information. This shows the existence of the intolerance and Islamophobia in Britain.

    The mosque would provide a place of worship and show Britains tolerance and multiculturalism. It is now the duty of Muslims and evey citizen to sign the counter-petition to BUILD the ‘Mega Mosque’. Please sign at the link below, email it to your friends, post it in forums you visit and promote this on your site/blog.

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