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The Best of Sinners… May 24, 2007

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are those who repent.- Hadith

When I was on Hajj two years ago (December ’05- January ’06) I brought along with me a book entitled, “Prayers for Forgiveness.” It is a collection of seventy prayers for forgiveness said by Hasan al-Basri and translated by Mufti Abdur Rehman ibn Yusuf. It’s an amazing collection that I would recommend everyone to get. prayers_full.gif

Remembering this experience though reminded me that I used to recite these addiyah (prayers) in front of the Kabah, I haven’t recited those addiyah with the same fervor as I have been back. The sheer eloquence and manner in which these duas were moving and required a certain inner reflection that I feel is different from those addiyah I make in English. I feel like I personally put more into reading those words (obviously coupled with the fact that I was on Hajj) and decided that insha’Allah I would pick this book up again and remind myself that self-reflection is necessary more often.

I thought I might decide to share these addiyah with the few readers of this blog online, but realized besides copyright restrictions maybe your desire to have these in front of you would urge you to buy the book yourself (if you do not have it) and maybe have it count as sadaqah and insha’Allah you could benefit from having the text in front of you.

Allah loves the oft-repentant and the advice in the book is that these seventy prayers should be attempted to be read every day.

As Shaykh Husain Abdul Sattar says in the foreword,

“Perhaps the simplest form of istighfar is to reflect on our daily routine and to seek forgiveness for the errors that are apparent. This was the Sunna of the Prophet (may peace and blessings be upon him) and has been the way of the righteous who follow in his footsteps.”

Mufti Abdur Rehman also says in his introduction,

” Cleansing the heart is achieved through the remembrance of Allah (dhikr), repentance (tawba), seeking forgiveness (istighfar), and humbly turning to Him in penitence (inaba). The Messenger of Allah (may peace and blessings be upon Him) did this seventy to a hundred times a day, despite being inerrant and guarded from sin (masum).”

Insha’Allah we can do the same. To this end, while some of you order the book, there is a way to listen to these addiyah. On the publisher’s page for the book there is a tab in the lower left that links to the audio version of the prayers. Insha’Allah we should make the effort to listen to them.

The links are here:

Prayers 1-10

Prayers 11-20 

Prayers 21-30

Prayers 31-40 

Prayers 41-50

Prayers 51-60

Prayers 61-70

Concluding Prayers 


2 Responses to “The Best of Sinners…”

  1. Lena Says:

    Definitely an amazing collection mashaAllah

    You can just sense the spiritual state of the authors of the adiyya’ through their wording. subhanAllah.

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