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Oppression May 7, 2007

Filed under: Islam,Reflections — musaafir @ 1:32 pm

By definition, oppression is: the act of subjugating by cruelty.

When a ruler sanctions terrorism or executions of the innocent, that is oppression. When a husband beats his wife, that is oppression. When an older sibling harms a younger one, it is oppression.

Oppression gives one person an “upper hand” so to speak. It is when someone who has “power” or feels they do, uses it unjustly against someone who does not have that same level of power. If a parent strikes a young child for doing something wrong, it is worse than striking a teenager for a wrong act because the young child is defenseless.

Similarly, it is the duty of the one who knows something to spread his knowledge to the one who does not. Obviously, this is a little more detailed because the person must be qualified among other things. But still, the one who has knowledge has the upper hand.

But really, what made me think about this is that we are people who oppress constantly. Our limbs were created by Allah subhana wa taala. He created them and we were given power over them. But they know what is inherently good and evil. Yet, we use them constantly to sin. When we use our eyes to look at something unlawful or our hands to do something unlawful, we are oppressing them. Maybe this is why our limbs will testify against us on the Day of Judgment. We misuse and abuse them. This reminds me of this woman who was arrested for using her kids as thieves. She would distract the jewelers and the children would sneak behind the counter and take jewelry out of the cases. She was the caretaker of these children and abused them. Just like we are the caretakers of our bodies. We are supposed to use them properly and take care of them. They have rights over us!

Insha’Allah, Allah can help us use our limbs in the way that is pleasing to Allah. The paths that lead to serving Him properly. May He forgive us for our constant misuse of the gifts He has bestowed upon us.


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