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The Signs Are Always Present April 27, 2007

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If I may digress, I recall waking up this morning for Fajr when Lena (the other blogger on this site-and my best friend!) called me. While speaking to her I looked out of my window as a HUGE bolt of lightening flashed. Then came the thunder. Completely awe-inspiring.

As I was listening to a lecture set yesterday, the Shaykh was talking about the signs of Allah always being around. SubhanAllah. It kind of threw me off on a tangent because who deserves more respect and praise other than Allah? His flashing of that bolt of lightening completely diverted my attention and brought me back to thinking about Him and His Creation.

There are signs in the world for those who reflect. Right? His creation is everywhere and his signs everywhere. Even in the existence of humans and the differences we exhibit. It is truly amazing. I know that when I was a child I could only draw people and flowers so many ways. There was a limit to what I could “create.” Yet with Allah there is no such boundary. He creates us with different skin tones, with different voices, with different shapes of eyes, noses, ears, lips, hands.. Everything! And we distinguish each other by these things. We see the way someone walks and generally we know who it is. We hear someone’s voice and generally we can tell who it is.

When we go to art galleries and look at the works on display there we often see that an artist has a particular style. What I mean is that you can tell one artist’s work from another because of a certain technique he uses or something that is present in everything he paints or sculpts.  Yet with Allah, there is no such boundary. And I don’t mean that His creation has no consistency. It does. But I mean, He is not limited in what He creates. My closest friend and I can have the largest differences in the outward yet our insides are so similar. It’s just mind boggling.

“…all that is in the heavens and on earth: behold, in that are Signs indeed for those who reflect.” (45:13)


One Response to “The Signs Are Always Present”

  1. Lena Says:


    I like how you expressed our limitations versus Allah ta’ala being without limits.


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