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Fez- a city of learning April 7, 2007

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I would love to go to Fez(it’s a city in Morocco). Maybe one day, insha’Allah !:)

Fez speaks in symbols. Few places on Earth seem so imbued with buried meanings: in the patterns of hand-knotted carpets; in the tattooed faces of Berber peasant women; in the cosmic swirls of carved plaster in its architecture; in the voices of traditional Sufi and Gnawa singers; in the techniques of expert craftsmen; in the ingredients of its cuisine.

Like a giant ancient text, Fez requires exegesis. To the casual observer, it might appear a frustrating jumble of bodies, animals, indecipherable voices, strange designs.

To the person who has learned its codes and its lore, the crowded confusion begins to make sense. Patterns form. Colors radiate with significance. Geometric shapes convey ideas. Every number contains a charm. Every flavor enfolds a bit of history.

In the 14th-century Sahrij medersa, one of Fez’s many artfully constructed Koranic schools, Mr. Alami approached the dazzling mosaics on the walls and ran his finger along the design like a literary scholar reading poetry. Each of the five tile colors, he said, was purposely chosen: “Blue is the sky, white is purity, black is depth, yellow is wealth, green is Islam.”

The sprawling colorful motif, he noted, radiated from a central eight-pointed star. The figure represents Allah, “because paradise is said to have eight doors” in the Koran, he said. “One design, repeated many times, stands for the unity of God.”

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2 Responses to “Fez- a city of learning”

  1. Yaser Says:

    I read this the other day. Quite good read, and Fez is a unique city indeed. My arabic teacher said the same before I read it.

  2. Beautiful country, and beautiful city.

    You should really go. Its cheap too.

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