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Unbroken Chain March 31, 2007

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For over a thousand years, the scholars have maintained an unbroken chain that went back to our beloved Prophet pbuh.gif in the sciences of jurisprudence, theology, spirituality, and their sub-sciences. During the chaos that ensued the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, ideas flowed from other places encouraging people to abandon the religion, labeling it as superstitious and irrational. Nevertheless, a few scholarly families held on to the tradition and it is from them that the deen has survived; the unbroken chain still exists. Nevertheless, when people later began returning to Islam in the 1980s, they did not go back to the unbroken chain of scholars who have pruned the tree of knowledge. Rather, they have cut down the tree altogether and allowed weeds to grow about it. They ignored everything ever done and labeled it as innovation and then took only the Quraan and Sunnah. This sounds great on the outward but what must be understood is that the same people who did this did not speak the same Arabic that the Prophet pbuh.gif spoke nor do they have the intellect or knowledge to do such a thing. A scholar (who has an unbroken chain) of mine told me that in order for one to make ijtihad, one must know at least eight sciences. The understanding of the corpus of law that was revealed to us by Allah that many brilliant classical scholars dedicated their entire lives to was ignored in favor of someone who simply read a couple of ahadith. In order to fully understand the dangers of this, one must read the article “Asking for “Evidences” is a Clear Daleel of Your Ignorance” where the dangers of the average man making ijtihad are evident. Very few people, especially amongst those who claim to understand Islam, understand Islam. The influences of the Wahabis from Najd (Where it was prophesied in a sound narration that the “Horn of the Devil ” will come from) has filled the vacuum left by the breaking of the chain (things get more dangerous enter Bin Laden). It is very unfortunate that 1400 years of scholarship by competent people with a deep and broad understanding of Islam has been ignored and even condemned and then replaced by people who know very little about the deen but speak anyway. Long story short: everything beautiful our scholars have done with the religion has been destroyed and replaced by ignorant people.


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Grateful Servanthood March 7, 2007

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One thing that we should always be are grateful servants. No matter what situation we may be faced with, we should say “Alhamdulillah.” We never know what is best for us and must learn to accept that there is a greater wisdom behind everything.

“I obey the order, when he says, ‘silence!’ I remain silent; For one day that king will explain this in person.” ~Rumi