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Knowledge is an ocean and a few drops just aren’t enough. -Unknown

Fard ‘Ayn Knowledge January 20, 2007

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It’s really sad to know that we don’t know the basics of our deen. We don’t know our personally obligatory knowledge. The kind of knowledge that is commanded upon each of us.

As I sit in my fiqh classes or listen to lectures, I realize that though certain concepts were always in the back of my head, I never strived for knowledge like I do now. I wish I had started on this quest earlier. I know that I’ve said that it’s pointless to regret these things, but it would have been nice if I had been immersed in the study of the deen from a young age. But who knows? Maybe that knowledge without introspection may have made me arrogant. Or maybe I wouldn’t be itching as much as I am know to expand my world and scope of knowledge. Allahu Alim.

It’s really important for us to know where our deficiencies lie and seek to improve ourselves. I know I’m riddled with faults, but I should be yearning to correct them. We can’t ever be satisfied or stagnant. I know it’s weird that I have a post titled “Accepting Imperfection” a few posts below, but my point wasn’t to say the we shouldn’t try to become better. It was just that when looking at others we can’t critique them expecting them to be perfect. We aren’t perfect ourselves so why do we expect others to be?

Anyhow, insha’Allah we can all strive for knowledge and keep up in our pursuits of it. But we have to start with small steps, so insha’Allah if we haven’t finished learning our fard ‘ayns, may He give us the strength and ability to do so.


One Response to “Fard ‘Ayn Knowledge”

  1. Taleemulhaq Says:


    Ameen to your dua, your dua is the same as mine.

    Wa’alikum As’salaam.

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