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Old Thought… December 31, 2006

Filed under: Reflections — Lena @ 2:25 am

(A thought I wrote down a little while ago, but feel is always relevant…insha’Allah it’s beneficial. Anything incorrect is from my own shortcomings and anything correct is only from Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala)

At ISNA, whenever Shaykh Hamza or Imam Suhaib or any other scholar would compliment and say they were proud of those sisters wearing hijab, I would feel this sense of accomplishment…like a child receiving the approval of his parent or teacher, and he just feels proud of himself (not kibr, but more of an “Alhamdulillah”). And whenever I felt this way, I would just think how miniscule this feeling would be in comparison to receiving the approval of the One, the Magnificent, Allah subhana wa ta’ala…subhan’Allah…the thought of such a moment is unfathomable…and I can only pray to reach that state where Allah, ‘azza wa jal, is pleased with me…insha’Allah…all of us, insha’Allah.

Along with this sense of accomplishment and approval is the other side, the thought and feeling of disappointing someone. My sisters’ halaqah leader gave us this piece of naseehah once for keeping hayaa…whenever we are trying to decide whether or not we should do something, we should ask ourselves “Would I do this if ___ was here?”…she suggested that we fill in the blank with our Shaykh’s name, but I personally would have put “my father” in. It’s unfortunate that we fill in a human’s name—a person who has no power over us…we can’t just remind ourselves that Allah, al Baseer, sees all.


One Response to “Old Thought…”

  1. juhah Says:

    May Allah purify our intentions and give ease to our sisters who struggle with the Hijab.

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