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Ubay ibn Ka’b December 7, 2006

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So, I felt extremely ignorant the other night and felt I needed to learn more…in many different topics…so I decided that insha’Allah I will learn something about a different Companion (radiAllahu anhum) of the Prophet (salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa salaam) each day, insha’Allah, and I decided to record my learnings here.

Just felt like starting with Ubay ibn Ka’b (ra)…one of my friends named her son Ubay and she always shares one of Ubay’s (ra) stories.

Ubay ibn Ka’b (ra), also known as Abu Mundhir, was one of the four that the Prophet* himself told the people to learn Qur’an from.

Prophet Muhammad (sala Allahu ‘alayhi wa salaam) said:

“Learn the Qur’an from four persons: Abd-Allah ibn Mas’ud, Salim Mawla Abu-Hudhayfah, Ubayy ibn Kab and Muadh ibn Jabal.”

He was one of the few who actually committed the Qur’an to writing and had his own mushaf. And was among the first of the people of Yathrib to accept Islam and pledged allegiance to the Prophet* at Aqabah before Hijrah. Ubay (ra) acted as a scribe of the Prophet* writing letters for him and was one of the 25 who had the Qur’an memorized at the time of the demise of the Prophet*. (Random thought: how many of the Muslims in the world today have actually memorized the Qur’an in its entirety in comparison to the percentage of those who memorized it at the time of the Prophet*?)

One day the Prophet* went to Ubay (ra) saying, “O Ubayy ibn Kab! I have been commanded to show or lay open the Qur’an for you.” Knowing that the Prophet’s* commandments only came from Allah swt, Ubay became overjoyed and excited at the thought that Allah swt mentioned him personally. The verses the Prophet* was to lay open the Qur’an for Ubay (ra) were the verses of Surat-al-Fatihah, the Opening of al-Quran-al-Kareem. Ubay (ra) later referred to this moment in which Allah jalla jalaaluh mentioned him by name as his “jannatain” as is mentioned in Surat-ar-Rahman.

And for him who fears to stand before his Lord are two gardens. (Ar-Rahman, 55:46)

Umar (ra) commonly referred to him as the “sayyid of the Muslims” and he came to be known by the title.

Bit incoherent and most certainly doesn’t do him justice…I want to continue, but insha’Allah it is still beneficial. My main source, so you can read some more.

May we be among those who memorize, learn, and understand the words of Allah, swt. May Allah swt increase us in our ranks closer to Him.

May Allah subaha wa ta’ala forgive me for anything incorrect I have written, it is from my own shortcomings, and anything correct and true is from Al-Haqq.


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  1. Talha Says:

    That was quite impolite…{btw, i see a grammatical error in your sentence too :)}

    • Munzareen Says:

      Lena! Look- someone sees a grammar mistake on our blog 🙂 You should know how I feel about you taking care of our website!

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