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Ramadan Mubarak! September 22, 2006

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Insha’Allah, my family and I will be starting Ramadan tomorrow….so Ramadan Kareem! Subhan’Allah it came so quickly!!

Allahumma balighna Ramadan wa Allahumma balighna Laylat-ul-Qadr!!!

Alright, I meant to post a few weeks ago, but I didn’t….so I will put here some points I especially liked from the ISNA conference, which insha’Allah are all things we can apply during this month as well as throughout the year.

“The reward for one cooling the flame (of desires and temptations) within themselves is receiving the coolness of Allah, subhana wa ta’ala, His shade, on the Day there is no shade but His.”

–Br. Mokhtar Maghroui, In the Shade of the Throne: The Young Worshipper

In the Shade of the Throne: Love for the Sake of Allah: Imam Suhaib Webb:

-Allah swt will say: “Where are those who loved for My sake?” They they will come forth and be placed on thrones and be the envy of prophets.

Certain Rules For Friendships:

1) Try to Control Anger–we cannot control our emotions, we can only control how we act based on them…therefore, if you feel angry, hold back from acting on it.

2) Have a Good Suspicion for your people

3) Be Merciful–“If I want Allah swt to practice His mercy, then I should practice mercy.”

3 Areas/Threats to Brotherhood:

-Fiqhi Issues–issues of approaches; have mercy in our chests for fellow Muslims, realize we all have the same single goal of pleasing Allah, subhana wa ta’ala.

-Relating to ‘Ibidat–unity of Muslims; cannot condemn something with your hand (i.e. if someone is eating something you see as haraam)

-Related to Diseases of the Heart: the greatest one that can destroy brotherhood is envy, envy leads to ignorance and harm. (He discussed ways to remove envy…insha’Allah I will put that up another time)

–A point I especially liked was this incorrect concept of replacing fard with sunna. That is, when there are disputes over taraweeh (whether it’s 8 or 20) and he actually went to a masjid and saw a divider so that some people could pray 8 and others 20. We allow this sunna of taraweeh overpower our fard of brotherhood and unity

“The Dry Eye is from the Hard Heart; the Hard Heart is from Abundant Sinning; Abundant Sinning is from Forgetting Death; Forgetting Death is from False Hopes; False Hopes is from Love of the Dunya; Love of the Dunya is the root of all evils.”

–poem, Imam Suhaib Webb, In the Shade of the Throne: Tears of Remembrance

The Prophet (sala Allahu ‘alayhi wa salaam) will walk into Jannah and find some of his Ummah already there and he will ask, “How did you get here?” And they will say, “We worshipped Allah subhan wa ta’ala secretly so He put us into Jannah secretly.”

–Imam Suhaib Webb, In the Shade of the Throne: Tears of Remembrance (this was one of my favorites)

I developed this immense respect for Imam Suhaib Webb throughout the ISNA weekend, as well as for Br. Mokhtar Maghroui and Imam Zaid Shakir. May Allah subhana wa ta’ala preserve and protect our scholars and increase them in their knowledge and allow us to benefit greatly from their knowledge.

Insha’Allah this is beneficial (Alhamdulillah, it was a really good reminder for me, I am happy I held it off). If there is anything incorrect then it is from my shortcomings, and anything true and correct is from Allah, subhana wa ta’ala.

May Allah allow us to truly benefit from this amazingly blessed month and may we develop a closer relationship with the Qur’an, our Prophet (sala Allahu ‘alayhi wa salaam), and most importantly with the One, our Creator and Master, Allah, subhana wa ta’ala. May we be among those who Allah subhana wa ta’ala sheds His mercy on in this month, His forgiveness, and may He save us from the Hellfire. May He bless us with His shade on the Day there is no shade but His. May He increase us in our ikhlas in our relation with Him.


2 Responses to “Ramadan Mubarak!”

  1. Ameen..

    Quick response.. I think that the poem Imam Suhaib recited is from one of his teachers.. I think..

  2. Lena Says:

    It’s a famous poem, I don’t think he could remember the author at the time.

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