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The Sunnah is In! August 17, 2006

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So relatively recently, one of my friend’s wrote in his blog about how beards are in. For those who don’t know, the Prophet Muhammad* had a beard and many Muslims keep one to be following his way (the Sunnah). Anyhow, a lot of the time the people with beards were primarily Muslim or Jewish. But not anymore. Fashion models, celebrities.. all are keeping beards.

But now, a better thing for me is in. I don’t know if many of you know, but shaping the eyebrows is a sin in Islam. You are allowed to remove unibrow hair and excessive hair that is harmful to eyesight or makes one overly manly, or that is not in line with the eyebrow shape. It is based on a saying of the Prophet* that, “Allah has cursed the women who do tattoos and those who have this done, the women who pluck eyebrows and those who have this done, and the women who file their teeth and change the creation of Allah.”

EDITED: And so, today, while reading the NYTimes, I find an article saying the same thing! The article is called Throw Your Tweezers Away.

Anyhow, some excerpts:

Autumn’s most prized pelt is the hairy eyebrow.

For women who overpluck, this season will be about growing your eyebrows back so that they have a natural arch that extends out and ends in a beautiful point,” said Pat McGrath, a makeup artist for Max Factor and CoverGirl and the creative director for Procter & Gamble Beauty.

“On both coasts, everybody wants a thicker brow that reminds you of Elizabeth Taylor and Ava Gardner,” said Robyn Cosio, an eyebrow stylist who works at the Salon by Maxime in Beverly Hills and Eiji salon in Manhattan. “People love that I leave the two bottom layers of undergrowth and don’t take out so much in between the brows so that they can stick up and look feathered.”

Ladies, lay down your tweezers. Facial hair hasn’t been this much in demand since the advent in 1978 of Brooke Shields. Indeed, this month French Vogue devotes an entire page to the tinted, brushed and glossed eyebrow, recommending a “dense and proud” brow as the best way to structure a face.

For those with very sparse brows, some salons offer eyebrow extensions. (Now that is just odd!)

“It’s for women who previously had their brows made too thin,” Ms. Cats said.

But oh yeah, my eyebrows are in style. Oh, how I love to be a pioneer of fashion. I’ve had these eyebrows all my life. Just waited for an opportunity like this ;).


9 Responses to “The Sunnah is In!”

  1. Nada Says:


    Oh man, I need to get eyebrow extensions 😉

  2. Thanks so much for linking to my 2 Israeli-Arab peace sites in your blogroll under “Saving the World.” I appreciate the support very much.

  3. Hammad DIn Says:

    I only understood the first paragaraph about the beards. AFter that it was all French to me ( thats probably a good thing). 🙂

  4. To Nada- You’re amusing. The only post you ever comment to and it’s one that is not serious at all.

    To Richard- No problem. I really do think you’re on a path towards peace. It’s possible to have an opinion and still desire peace. You don’t have to be quiet. Anyhow, I think it’s very commendable.

    To Hammad- Good. Very good, in fact. I might be slightly concerned if you knew stuff about grooming your eyebrows. Though many guys thread their unibrows too now. Weird.

  5. Abbas Says:

    Nice post.. lets hope the fashion industry follows this trend.. (it has in the past too btw) 🙂

  6. eemystic Says:

    I was always amazed specially by hair fashion that praises short hair models and encourages women to try them and then and after only a couple of weaks praises the long hair styles and displays very nice long haired top models that would kill you with rage as it would be too late to bring your hair back, and would make you seriously think about hair extensions…CONSULT A SPECIALIST PLS HERE IS THE ADDRESS…:-)

  7. Jenn Says:

    LOOOOOOL I have very bushy eyebrows and get self-conscious about them but for awhile I guess I can flash that article as support lol. Once I was with a friend at a hairdresser, it was afterhours so no men were around and she was getting her hair cut. The woman cutting her hair asked me if she wanted me to have her do my eyebrows. I felt so embarrassed cause she was picking on my brows! 😦

    Oh and about guys and eyebrows…once at my old job this kid comes into the office and he was the goth type…all black and dyed hair. Anyways I noticed there was something else strange about him and kept trying to figure it out, then I realized he had totally shaved off his eyebrows and drawn on new ones with pencil eyeliner LOL. Oh man.

  8. Don’t get self-conscious. I love my eyebrows. I was worried at one point in time, but they’ve been so close to me since I was born. HAHAHA. Sorry, I crack myself up sometimes. 🙂

    And yea.. shaving your eyebrows off and drawing new ones is weird. I don’t get the point. I mean.. if you’re fighting cancer and have no eyebrows, I understand. But to do it out of choice? How odd.

    I was watching something and this guy was an eyebrow specialist. Oh my gosh, it was so disgusting. His eyebrows look emaculate and it disturbed me.

  9. Lena Says:

    I really can’t stand drawn in (by choice) eyebrows…and when guys have really clean eyebrows, that disturbs me.

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