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Oh, how the people need to hear both sides of the story… August 8, 2006

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Even though I’ve seen this on several blogs, I had to post it since it is the most level-headed response I have yet heard in regards to the Israel-Lebanon and Israel-Palestine conflict, well at least, as Journey of a Traveler put it, from a Westerner. The Western media is horribly biased, and it actualy has driven me to not watch most news channels…it still amazes me that FOXNews had the audacity to report the other day that American news is being biased against the state of Israel and being easy on Hezbollah. They were kidding, right??

WordPress wins for now; I can’t figure out how to embed the video (anyone willing to let me know, please share)…so you’ll just have to visit Yaser‘s blog.

“Because you believe, whether you know it or not, that Israeli blood is more valuable than the blood of Lebanese or Palestinians.”

A little about George Galloway.

‘Galloway states that he is a non-drinker from a non-drinking family. ‘My father didn’t drink alcohol and his father didn’t and my daughter doesn’t… I think it has a very deleterious effect on people'”

He just moved up a notch with me. =)


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  1. momina Says:

    excellent and enlightening blog you have here masha’allah, your posts inspire and are well written. please keep it up.

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