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July 13, 2006

Filed under: News,Reflections — Lena @ 3:39 pm

At times, living in this country makes it so easy to forget the realities of this world. Halfway across the globe countries are terrorizing each other on this facade of defending themselves, but it all comes down to their fear of each other due to their differences.

Two rockets hit the Israeli city of Haifa. Israel bombed Beirut International Airport destroying all the runways. Where is the US in all this? Well, the only thing the President and the US Administration could say: Israel has the right to defend itself. And the only step the US will be willing to take is extracting any American citizens in Lebanon. (Source: BBC and CNN) Which I have to be happy with, because I would be more than concerned that the US would end up supporting the Israeli state more and then killing more innocent civilians in Lebanon and Palestine, and more than likely, in Syria.

So thousands have to die for the sake of three Israeli soldiers (one in Palestine, two in Lebanon)? The world’s supposed “sixth nuclear power” against a horribly oppressed and weak state, a region not even considered to be a country. I am not at all putting the blame on one state, but Israel being a rising world power, backed by the single most powerful country in the world, needs to know when to stop. I am just confused as to why only Hezbollah and Hamas are seen as the terrorists.

So as we live in the safety of our homes here, Alhamdoulillah, can we please remember to keep all these people in our dua’s…those on both sides (for protection and guidance).

My aunt and cousins live in Lebanon…please remember them in your dua’s, insha’Allah.

May Allah have mercy on us and protect us from the horrors of this world and protect the Muslimeen in the midst of the conflict and guide us all. Ameen.


2 Responses to “…”

  1. lisa Says:

    If a natural disater like US’s “katrina” happenned in the midst of this battle, do you think they would still keep on fighting each other?

  2. murabit Says:

    Hm…continue fighting? I don’t know…but I don’t think that they would be helping each other. Arab countries would most likely come to the side of each other and the US run to help Israel and probably other countries…but help each other? There is too much hate between these two countries, and unfortunately, neither side is helping to make it better. Israel has been cutting off the water supply and putting the Palestinians into a more devastating and deadly position, and we expect them to help each other in time of a natural disaster? Why do lives become more valuable then?

    But, you never know, Allahu ‘alim…Allah alone knows best.

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