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Hardships and Prejudices. July 8, 2006

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I would like to start by saying that I absolutely love New York City. Nothing like it, subhan’Allah, the people, the cultures, all the life…especially on Broadway at about 11:30 pm when all the shows just let out. And I have to say, it always makes out for some interesting stories:

-So, we stopped at the nearby masjid to pray ‘Asr (afternoon prayer). And in the bathroom, after just making wudu (ablution), this sister started talking to me. She keeps coming to this masjid in hopes of finding a shaykh or imam to speak to for some financial help. The woman, now divorced, is stranded and in great financial need, and nonetheless 7 ½ months pregnant! Feeling at such a loss, she was simply trying to find someone to reach out to. She can’t manage to find some financial assistance—a basic right of hers from any masjid she seeks help from. It just makes me think of what we were discussing in one of the halaqat I go to—What are we doing for the Muslims? We should be able to build a better system that will be able to reach out to those who need our help. To have a pregnant woman in tears in front of you; La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah.

Verily, Allah is with the patient.

-Later that night, my sisters and I were standing on a street corner waiting for my dad. And being 3 hijabis (Alhamdoulillah :-)) it is obvious we are Muslims. So this Asian man passes us and says “Jihad.” I just turn and give him this dirty look and my sister smiles at him…her mentality is why show that they annoyed you, smile and show that their stupid remarks won’t bother you. I just kind of automatically reacted. Now, next time, do I give the same dirty look, smile, or just say something (although saying something wasn’t really an option if you have ever seen Broadway at night)…any input?…I haven’t seemed to exactly figured this one out, considering this isn’t the first time it’s happened, but I think it just shocks me every time so I’m never prepared.

Oh, and the only reason I mentioned him as being Asian was because the incident reminded me of something I thought while watching Crash the other day. You would think that being a minority in a country would only cause you to be more compassionate and less judgmental of other minorities (or other ethnicities or religions) in that country or throughout the world. But I feel as if it only engrains these prejudiced ideas more. “Why not pick on the Muslims?…their numbers don’t seem to be that great and they’re a pretty easy target…and all my life I’ve heard people making comments about me, nice to get to make comments to someone.”

I just want to know what pleasure and satisfaction did that man get after making that comment.

Lesson of the Day:

The world needs a whole lot more compassion. May Allah guide us.
(Sorry for the incoherence and length.)


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