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Knowledge is an ocean and a few drops just aren’t enough. -Unknown

Virtues of Knowledge: Educating Ourselves as Muslims March 31, 2006

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“Whoever seeks a way to acquire knowledge, Allah will make easy his way to Paradise.” (Sahih Muslim)
“Verily the men of knowledge are the inheritors of prophets.” (Abu Dawud)

Speakers: Nouman Ali Khan, Mohamed Magid, and Zainab Alwani

Nouman Ali Khan:

Knowledge is disappearing. Each generation learns less and passes on less. If you are a seeker of knowledge then become a student or a teacher. That is what the Prophet* commanded.

  • memorization

The first step is memorization. Start memorizing ayat of the Qur’aan and different Hadiths. Today, we put our Islam in the hands of others. Study Arabic because things are lost in translation and therefore we are not using a primary source, we are using a secondary source. ALL of the Islamic sciences rely on Arabic.
Listening to speeches is not serious study. Lecturs are fun for many. Whenever the fun stops, we stop. This should not be the case. Imam Shafi said that it is incumbent upon Muslims to study Arabic. Umar* said that we should learn Arabic because it is from our deen. He also said that no one should teach Qur’aan unless they know Arabic.

  • Qur’aan
    1) academic pre-requisite: usul-al-tafseer
    2) internal pre-requisite:
    a) intention- must be for guidance
    b) commitment of making decisions according to the Qur’aan.
    c) it should be our highest priority
    d) the Qur’aan is beyond criticism (in the sense that you shouldn’t be reading it to criticize it, but rather to learn it… ties into point a)
    3) resolve to change according to the Qur’aan- struggle against the inner self (jihad-an-nafs) is considered the greatest struggle

    Blessings are a secondary benefit of the Qur’aan. The primary function is guidance.

Internally reflect upon the Qur’aan. The Sahabah studied for many years because they’d study 10 ayat, implement what was learned until the act became second nature and then move on. We should try our hardest to implement the Qur’aan into our lives. It is our map.

This was my last bit of notes on EZ… Sorry this last post is more incoherent than the others.


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