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Every Soul Shall Taste Death March 31, 2006

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Speaker: Nouman Ali Khan

One of the problems with making analogies to the hellfire today is that we’re overexposed to the media. We’ve been desensitized so the images aren’t as terrifying to us and we’re not touched. A way to cure this is to cut down our media intake and benefit from dhikr.

In today’s society, humility is frowned upon. A humble person seems to indicate a lack of self-confidence. Yet, we need to constantly humble ourselves and remember Allah.

We should take small steps. For instance, the Qur’aan was revealed first by describing heaven, then hell, then halal and haram. There was a easing into the deen. Sometimes we are overzealous, take our deen too fast and then fall out of it.

If we are already indulged in material desires, then our dhikr is superficial and not touching our hearts. Often we’ll do things and say well, it is halal. That term seems to be our scapegoat. Just because something is halal does NOT mean it is recommended. There is a difference between utlizing the dunya and loving it.

Out energy comes from our salat. It is a necessity for us to have khushoo in our prayer. If it is superficial that what is learned is lost and not reinforced. We should use salat as a reminder, not simply a ritual. We must also constantly remind ourselves of the aakhirah. The thought in our minds should be ubiquitous so that we may focus on our goals.


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