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Success of the Believer March 22, 2006

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MashAllah, we had a good event last night. I didn’t take many notes, the part of the lecture with Shaykh Negm will be online soon inshAllah. But anyhow, here are 10 things he listed as essential to Islam(and yes, I needed to digress from EZ, I’ll finish that later inshAllah).

1. Salat- We need to perform the ritual prayer and do it with khushoo (concentration).
2. Qur’aan- The Qur’aan is referred to as a mercy, guidance, admonition, glad tidings, proof, dhikr and explanation. We need to read it and implement it in our lives.
3. Duaa- Duaa is the essence of worship.
4. Dhikr- With dhikr (remembrance of God) are the hearts softened.
5. Remember death- This will snap you back into reality and the fact that we need to constantly check ourselves because we don’t know when we will be gone.
6. Brotherhood/Sisterhood- We need to surround ourselves with people of the deen and love them for the sake of Allah.
7. Seek knowledge.
8. Be active in a project- be involved in the community (not just the community of Muslims, but everyone— becoming a good Muslim means becoming a good human).
9. Dawah
10. Try to protect yourself for the day from sin (I think my numbers got messed up and I’m not sure what went here).


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