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“A Mercy to Mankind: Following the Path to Perfection” March 15, 2006

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Speakers: Hisham Mahmoud and Altaf Hussain

“Verily in the messenger of Allah you have a beautiful example for him who hopes for Allah and the Last Day, and has remembered Allah much.” (33:21)

Altaf Hussain-

We are supposed to love the Prophet*. If we don’t know him, then we can’t love him. How can you love someone without knowing them? Our way of knowing the Prophet* is by learning about him through his Sunnah.

All of creation submits to Allah and his will. It is the humans (insan) that have trouble. The root word of insan is ins- which means forgetfulness.

In the “olden days” in Jerusalem, there was peace and unity among the different religions. So much so that one person narrated that if he were to take all of his luggage with him on his camel to Jerusalem and his camel died, he could leave his luggage (to go get another camel) and his luggage would remain untouched. There was such a trust between the people that the Christians would prefer having Muslims as their doctors and advisors in agriculture. They knew the Muslims wouldn’t cheat them and were truly good at what they did.

Allah loves the people who are humble to the believers and merciful among themselves.

Muhammad al-Ghazali said that nowadays, Muslims are like a cow full of milk that is drained of its milk and has to go back to the people who drained it for some of its own milk (it’s an interesting analogy if you can grasp it).

Anyhow, we should not curse the society we live in. We should be community minded and oriented. We should look ourselves in the mirror. The people in our society that know about Islam may know and then reject Islam. Muslims, on the other hand, daily miss the call from Allah. We can see this in our actions.

Our homework assignment is to prefect ourselves on the individual level and then the family level and then the community level. We can’t change the community without changing ourselves.

I don’t know where I was for Hisham Mahmoud.

When I mention the Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him), often you will see an asterisk(*) next to his* name. This is so that I do not have to type “may peace and blessings be upon him” every time and so that I won’t have these weird abbreviations such as SAW and PBUH next to his name. The Muslims that read this, I assume know that when the Prophet* is mentioned we send blessings and salutations upon him. While I am writing this, I am also doing the same. For non-Muslims, please know that we do respect and love our Prophet* so when we say his*name we are sending blessings upon him.


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