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Before I Begin March 13, 2006

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Alright, I’ve had some posts on hold so before I start doing my EZ notes, I have to tell you about three articles I found.

This is an article on a tv show in which people will switch races. The idea is a nice one so that people can “walk a mile in each other’s shoes.”

Altaf Hussain mentioned this at EZ, but I had wanted to post it before. It’s about how the general opinion on Islam has become more unfavorable. It’s really really sad. I think that we need to reach out and show Americans that we’re not bad people. We care about community and we’re not crazy! It’s just a few people who are tarnishing our reputation!!!

This is a good article for feminists. I don’t want to say too much about it, but the findings are somewhat interesting about the domestic roles of women and how there is unhappiness in the minds of progressives..

Okay, I’ll post EZ stuff now.


One Response to “Before I Begin”

  1. Tea Biscuit Says:

    patiently waiting for EZ stuff! ANd FYI Jay Bennish the HS teacher got reinstated

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